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Bryan Parent

President, Co-Founder

US Army

Serving in the US Army and the Massachusetts National Guard taught me the real meaning of helping my unit, my community. Selfishly, it gave me a well of energy I never knew I had, and a new appreciation for empathy to those I serve in uniform or as a neighbor. My time working in various leadership roles with Veterans-based organizations since my return back to civilian life gave me the opportunity to see where these groups succeeded with their communities and where they could improve. With Team Push Up, I believe we serve a passionate community of nerds, geeks, gamers, and more who love their comrades just as much as I do; a group of friends and family through shared interest, service to their country, or both.


You can also find me as a Board member of the Hollywood Studio District Neighborhood Council and Chairman of their Public Safety Committee. I've graduated the Los Angeles Fire Department Leadership Academy and am a Master's Candidate at Penn State for Homeland Security and Geospatial Intelligence, specializing in homeland radicalization.

Somehow, I convinced a young woman to marry me in March of 2017. I'm still trying to figure out why she did that to herself.


Vice President

Think you can be a leader in the mission to support veterans? Email to find out how you can join our Board of Directors.


Secretary, Co-Founder

Think you can be a leader in the mission to support veterans? Email to find out how you can join our Board of Directors.

Adam Cataldo

Treasurer, Co-Founder

My life story is not terribly interesting, so I won't bore you too much with the details. I always knew I would once again team up with Team Push Up's President Bryan Parent. We met in high school and were both key members of the greatest flag football dynasty in the history of Boston College High School, and probably, the modern era. It was during those days of velcroed gridiron battles we learned of our mutual, totally fine and not stalker-like at all infatuation with Douglas Richard Flutie.

Fast forward to the present, I have an educational background in history and philosophy, fluency in Elvish, access to Chardonnay through his wines sales job, and lifelong burden of Catholic guilt made me an ideal and trustworthy choice for managing our finances. I'd have preferred to be named Secretary of Funk, but the other board members seemed a touch concerned about my devotion to Prince's Purple Rain, and opted to leave the position vacant out of respect to those who came before us. I'm a veteran only of the wicked Ganondorf's attempted occupation of the Light World of Hyrule, where I successfully acquired the Sword of Power and saved the Triforce and Princess Zelda, or at least that's what his eHarmony profiles claimed before I met my amazing wife Emilie. Dr. and Mr. Cataldo currently reside in the ever-delicious town of Sandwich on Cape Cod, with their boys Nathan and Braden, and Nala their Samoyed. 

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